Talpa what is it? Originally, it was a simple idea that came out of the imagination of five young people from Nîmes at the beginning of March 2020. The very different life projects of each reduced the team to three, Lucie, Marceau and Axel. The Talpa team wanted to found a ready-to-wear brand in the image of their city, their roots and in the image of the youth of Nîmes and their memories.

"We started making the models only by hand, then the craze meant that we had to make arrangements, start a contract with a local factory and develop many ideas. Regarding the image of the brand and what it represents, our circle of friends has enabled us to develop popularity on social networks, Talpa is a bit like a family story. For us, the people of Nîmes, it's much more than a simple brand is our common identity."

And why Talpa?
The discovery of the name was built on a misunderstanding, on a translation error. The Talpa team had the will to find a short name, of Latin origin like their city Nemausus and which sounds good to the ear. Talpa corresponds in Latin to the mole, but it is also a word with a multiplicity of meanings, it can also refer to the chameleon and the lizard. These fascinating animals by their changes and their adaptations represent well the versatile side that Talpa
wanted to convey through this project. The word Talpa can be used in both masculine and feminine, which also reflects Talpa's determination to create unisex clothing.


Talpa is a brand representing the universe of a family home, and all the values that represent it. The cupboard represents Talpa's shop. Each new collection, called a shelf, completes the Talpa wardrobe. Each shelf has its own guideline, allowing the inhabitants of the Talpa house to find a room that suits them.
corresponds, and Talpa to work on several universes

Since then three shelves and a pre collection have been released