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Talpa Mystery Box

Talpa Mystery Box

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  • Talpa Mystery Box
  • Mystery Boxes contain all parts created and sold by Talpa. The boxes are randomly created with your size.
  • The value of the boxes:
  • The 30€ box can contain up to 40€ of coins
  • The 50€ box can contain up to 65€ of coins
  • The 100€ box can contain up to 125€ of coins
  • The 150€ box can contain up to 185€ of coins
  • The parts present in the boxes are:
  • Heavy Hoodie, Heavy Crewneck, Tee <3, Cardigan, Tote Bag, Lighter, Poster
  • T-shirts, shirts, long-sleeves, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, jogging, shorts, hats, caps, goodies



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